Studio Porktie

Barcelona Map Pack

Client: Personal Project



Content Creation & Product Design

I’m passionate about travel, and was becoming increasingly irritated by the below-par recommendations tourists were being given in guidebooks, websites and maps regarding “cool places to visit in Barcelona”. So I decided to do something about it.



I created the Barcelona Map Pack - a series of alternative neighbourhood maps designed to help both locals and tourists find the places worth finding in this wonderful city. Each pack contains 8 individual maps, each dedicated to a particular neighbourhood in the city. The Barcelona Map Pack is stocked by one of Spain’s largest retailers, Natura, (with almost 150 stores nationwide), as well as in dozens more independent retailers in Barcelona. 



Maps are A6 size when folded (A3 when unfolded) and come housed in a handy, eco-friendly cotton bag. For those who prefer to look a little more discreet as tourist, the content on all maps can also be transferred to your phone or tablet using a QR code.


I was solely responsible for all aspects of the Map Pack – from writing the creative copy to designing the layout, from sourcing the printers to launching the product in stores. It was A LOT of work, but an incredibly rewarding experience.