Studio Porktie

The FayreGround

Underground Restaurant, UK



Brand Identity & Web Content

Sustainable food ... secret location! The Fayreground is a seasonal underground restaurant that serves 100% locally sourced food. It only opens its doors four times a year - each time in a different, secret location. Diners are only sent details of the exact location of the restaurant 48 hours before doors open.

I was brought on-board to create a brand identity that matched the restaurant’s innovative approach to dining, while maintaining links to the sustainable aspect of the food they serve.



  • Create the brand identity
  • Prepare creative copy for all online and offline marketing material (web content, printed menus, etc.)
  • Design website and marketing material to adhere to newly created brand identity
  • Create and implement the social media marketing strategy (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Write and distribute press releases and maintain press relations