Why Outsource? 

Just because you are a user of Social Media, that doesn't make you an expert! This is the main mistake that companies make when it comes to their Social Media strategy. It is a complex world, but one which we will be happy to help guide you through.

From our Barcelona HQ, we manage the Social Media accounts for companies and governmental organisations across Europe. From local restaurants to EU Maritime Policy, the accounts we manage cover a wide variety of topics, aimed at very different audiences in multiple locations. 

Our content currently reaches well over 2 million Social Media users each and every week. 


Multi-Platform Management

We are experts in Facebook and Twitter, and have years of experience managing advertising campaigns and accounts on these platforms. That said, we also manage accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat. Feel free to drop us line to discuss which platforms would be best suited to your specific needs.


In-Depth Reporting

We provide all our clients with in-depth reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis. These insights are vital to ensuring the account is delivering the required results and giving you the best possible ROI. Through these reports, you will gain valuable insights that help ensure that your Social Media content consistently draws the desired reaction, from your desired demographic.


What our clients say ...


A huge help

“Without your support, we never would have realised how much more we could do with our Social Media channels. You have been such a huge help, we barely even scratched the surface”

— G.D.

So Impressed

“We are so impressed that you managed to provide the type of content that would engage with our audience on such a specific subject.”

— J.M.

Adverts finally working

“... we have been using Facebook Adverts for over a year, with very little response, but the changes you made have made a massive difference. The adverts are finally working.”

— T.G.


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