The year was 2010 ... 

... Cee Lo Green (remember him?) was top of the charts with "Forget You", and most of Northern Europe was sat under a dark cloud, following the eruption of an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano. 

Meanwhile, a different type of dark cloud was forming over Barcelona, as a 25-year-old office worker went about his uninspiring daily duties at a faceless multinational corporation.

Disillusioned with his current career path, the ambitious young worker took the decision to step off the corporate ladder, break free of the creative shackles, and start his own company. A company that would give like-minded creative souls a platform on which they could let their imaginations and ambitions run free. And with that ... Porktie was born.

Initially, Porktie started life as an online magazine, containing bespoke advertorials promoting local companies in Barcelona. Over the years, our workforce grew, our skill-set expanded, and the business organically evolved into the Creative Studio which we are today.

So, what exactly does our Creative Studio do? Here's a brief overview ...


We make products:

Our flagship product is our range of 'Map Packs', which we design, manufacture and distribute directly from Porktie HQ in Barcelona. Our Map Packs are a collection of neighbourhood maps designed to help people find the places worth finding in some of Europe's best cities! We currently produce Map Packs for Barcelona, Madrid and London, with more cities coming soon!


We provide services

Our team of designers and editors work with organisations across Europe, providing Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media Management services. Our portfolio of projects is pretty varied, from designing wedding invitations to managing the content on Governmental Facebook Pages. No two days are ever the same!


But that's enough about us ...

... tell us about you! Drop us a line and let's see what we can create together!